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Freedom Bags

Kindred Spirit Style is launching a new collection of handmade, leather bags to help people across the world choose freedom. Since the creation of our brand, our goal has been to create jobs in America and to support local jobs. We have had great success in this over the years and felt our role to expand globally was more important now than ever.

“Freedom. Fellowship. Fearless living.” We have lived and worked by this motto for years now. These words are what drove our hearts to Honduras. We have found a group of kindred spirits across the world hoping and praying for a difference in their life.

Our new leather collection of “Freedom Bags” does just that. We are partnering with a sewing school in Honduras to help people change their lives, not only by learning sewing skills, but by learning the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Freedom Bags are helping Hondurans choose freedom and hope, leaving behind helplessness and dependence.  

Choose freedom. It all starts with one bag, and one person making a difference. We are excited to launch our Freedom Bag collection, and hope that we will have your support moving forward so we can continue to change lives.

As we launch this new collection, we remain true to our original vision, to create jobs here in our community. We will continue to create new and unique designs as we always have. We hope that moving forward, you will add a freedom bag to your collection of Kindred Spirit Style.


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